Finally, a Ford that’s #1 in Canada

Yes, good guys do finish first. Some over and over again. Ray Ford’s journalism career has been a bit unorthodox, not only by its route, but by his level of success.

Most locals just south of North Bay know Ray as a sheep farmer and volunteer firefighter. But as today’s Globe and Mail refers to him, he’s “veteran Powassan, ON freelancer Ray Ford” who earned the most nominations of any single nominee for country’s prestigious National Magazine Awards. That’s more than any writer for Macleans, more than any writer for Canadian Business, or Walrus, or Toronto Life, or…

Ray scored four nominations in three magazines (Small Farm Canada, On Nature and Cottage Life), continuing a long string of annual nominations in these and other publications such as Harrowsmith and Canadian Geographic.

Ray has a prose and unassuming style that makes you feel like you’re having an interesting conversation with a friend. Who would have guessed a nice Burlington farmboy, who cut his teeth working at the Windsor Star in Canada’s tomato capital (Leamington), would go on to be a successful farmer and journalist, and was recently granted his own listing in Who’s Who in Canada directory?

Unfortunately, it’s all for nought: he’s still a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Such talent wasted…

Congrats Ray.


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