Top marketing bloggers get introspective

More debate over who owns social media and what role it plays in marketing. A panel of top marketing bloggers from Ad Age’s Power 150 network hashed out how blogging fits into the marketing mix. Lots of discussion on building loyalty through blogging and social media and the issue of its relative impact compared to traditional media buys. In other words, what’s more impactful to a brand or organization: five million clickthroughs of a banner ad, or 50 blogging sites creating conversations about your product/service? On the issue of the flood of marketing content, including blogs, I thought this was an interesting exchange:

AD AGE EDITOR JONAH BLOOM: You made a very good point: Do we need more content? Or do we need something that’s actually more useful for their consumers?

GEOFF LIVINGSTON (Livingstonbuzz): Think about Harley Davidson. I don’t want to see a Harley Davidson blog. But maybe I would like to get into a contest to take a photograph of my sweet, customized Harley, and win a contest to be February in a Harley Davidson calendar, and then buy the calendar. I don’t want to read some crap blog about how they are going to re-engineer their rubber. … It’s about engaging people, not just publishing.

It’s a reminder that blogging done poorly is simply a one-way monologue. Conversations and participation is what builds customer engagement and ultimate loyalty.


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