Buffet, Gates, Trump want to be your friends

Guess Gen Y and other commoners aren’t the only ones embracing online communities.

In case you missed it,  a recent the Luxury Institute Wealth Survey found that those whose net incomes averaged $280,000 annually (and whose net worth was about $2 million) are jumping on the bandwagon. Participation among the well-heeled in social networks jumped from 20 per cent in 2007 to 60 per cent in 2008. LinkedIn was tops, followed by MySpace and Facebook.

The news should come as no surprise, given that the affluent have long been adept at cultivating and using personal networks to advance their status/wealth, fundraise for charities, avoid incarceration, etc.

While LinkedIn might not be an exact substitute for the cigar aromas of a Granite Club or a private golf course, the rich can make a lot more connections — and faster — from the comfort of their personal library, or Bat Cave… 😉


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